Photos of the Crew Past and Present

10 Year Club

A successful company has to be filled with GOOD people and there are a whole bunch of them here! Check out some of these GOOD people below who have dedicated 10 years or more of hard work to Goodmans.

Annual Employee Awards

Every year since 1999 employees have been in with a chance to win and be presented with an award for their contribution to Goodmans and the GOOD values we stand by. The history of award winners is shown below.

Year Most Improved Operator (1999) Most Valuable Employee (1999-2015) – Most Nominated Good Bugger (2016 on) STEPHEN LONG AWARD – Most Conscientious Employee (1999) Mechanical Excellence (2009) HOWARD STUART AWARD – Supervisor with a Difference (2015)
1999 Nigel Doyle Mike Bould Dave Morgan
2000 Brent Scott Paul Golding Pete Raika
2001 Iriapa Moeau (Mo) Nigel Fraser Trevor Smith
2002 Nicky Kingi Euan Jones Gordon Ryder
2003 Robert Jordan Jason Hight Iriapa Moeau
2004 Ant King Barry Lucinsky Paul Golding
2005 Josh Walkey Dan Kremer John Taylor
2006 Caleb Walkey Euan Jones Eric Searles
2007 Danny Richmond Darren Humphris Colin Landy
2008 Daniel Miller Danny Richmond Casey Adamson Caimen Farr
2009 Les Witham Stephen Long Arne Ganseman Caimen Farr
2010 Alistair Ferguson Shane Jack Daniel Miller Paul Golding
2011 Haley Adamson Dan Miller Dave Hedgman Graeme Duncan
2012 Piwhara Maeparae Grant van der Wal Joe Fraser Gerrard Koot
2013 Michael Robertson Nigel Fraser Andrew Weakley Danny Galvin
2014 Jimmy Robertson Robert Jordan Dave Eliason Andrew Melles
2015 Matt Laing Marcello Giacon Trish Ryder Cullen Irain Danny Richmond
2016 Moss Kingi Jimmy Robertson Pete Brain Darren Curran Mike Jones
Piwhara Mateparae