Emergency Work

Manawatu Gorge Slip Repair

Bulk earthworks to remove slip 300m above the Manawatu Gorge.


  • Clear vegetation at top of slip and cut track into natural bench
  • Create benches to design, materials sent down a chute and re-handled at the base of the slip
  • 250,000m3 off the face of the slip and re-handled at the base to cart offsite
  • Very large rocks encountered and ‘let go’ over edge in controlled manner
  • Excavators used to excavate and dump materials for the bulldozers to push down the slip

Points of Note:

  • Extremely steep site, required experienced operators
  • Establishment of track at the top of the slip required an excavator to be held by a 25 tonne winch dozer with 44,000kg winch.
  • As soon as the machinery was past the first bench it was on site for the duration of the contract. This meant all servicing and maintenance was carried out on the slip face which sometimes required parts and maintenance staff to be flown in.
  • Operators accessed site by a steep access track with rope to hold on to
  • Slip started 300m above the road below.

Machinery Used

  • Excavators – 36 tonne excavator, super reach 20 tonne excavator, 20 tonne excavator
  • Bulldozers – 2x D85 bulldozers
  • Other equipment utilised in surrounding waste dumps included rubber tyre bulldozers, dumpers, road trucks and compactors


Blue Bluffs

Bulk earthworks to remove slip in Otaki Gorge.


  • 75,000m3 excavated and cleared from slip
  • Majority of material transported to local forestry sites and used to create skid sites and access roads. Negotiations for this by Goodmans.
  • Earth chute designed to remove excavated material from the slip face safely.
  • Design of works by Goodmans surveyors

Traffic Control

  • Road closed completely. Site barricaded and sign posted.

Environmental Control

  • Catch pit constructed to hold excavated materials to minimise run-off from site
  • Concrete barriers also used


  • Roading completed by Goodmans

Machinery Used

  • Excavators – 36 tonne, 2x 20 tonne, 1 x 20 tonne with long reach, 1 x 14 tonne
  • Dumpers – 3x 40 tonne dumpers
  • Bulldozer – 1x D6

Maymorn Train Derailment

Recovery works and repair works in the event of a freight train derailment caused by slip.

Machinery Used

  • 20 tonne excavator
  • Tracked dumpers
  • Road trucks
  • Roller
  • 3x pumps


  • Create access road for machinery to access site
  • Create crane pads for train recovery
  • 3x pumps in use
  • Installation of drainage – subsoil and 675 diameter
  • Import and place hardfill
  • Clear slip and export waste
  • Remove damaged sleepers
  • Reinstate drains to sides of tracks
  • Reform batters
  • Repair roads, reinstate fence and grass

Points to Note

  • Quick response required in order to get the track back open
  • Worked shifts through the night to get the work done as quickly as possible


Whale Burial

Machinery Used

  • 20T, 30T, 50T Excavators
  • Transporter with 10m deck
  • D7 Bulldozer
  • Watercart

The key was to use big machines due to the weight and floppy consistency of the whale

Innovations on Job

  • D7 with a wide 10Tonne strop was used to secure the whale overnight
  • Trench was dug, trailer dropped down and a ramp built for the transporter trailer to enable the whale to be rolled onto the trailer
  • Ply and geotextile cloth was used to keep sand out of trailer brakes.
  • Trench ready at burial site for a seamless unloaded and cover of whale carcass.
  • Hydrated lime was used in the burial trench to counter the smell.

Iwi Involvement

  • Local Kaumatua & Iwi performed kakakia early morning before works commenced and at the burial site.
  • Accompanied whale during the move from beach to burial site


Paekakariki Seawall Repair – Emergency Works

Excavate unsuitable material and damaged material, place rock to reinforce bank, repair timber seawall

Earthworks & Associated Works

  • Sub-grade washout area and excavate & remove unsuitable
  • Re-prep subgrade
  • Supply and place 21 tonne of riprap
  • Supply and place crushed concrete & overburden

Timber Wall

  • Repair timber wall to match existing

General Comments

  • Traffic management in place
  • Very quick response time – notified in the morning and established on site in the afternoon

Machinery Used

  • Excavators – 14 tonne, 12 tonne and 2 tonne
  • Rock grab buckets for placing and handling rock
  • Truck & trailer
  • Small plant – compactor, chainsaw etc.