Other Work

Wellington Waterfront – Waitangi Park Civil Works

Civil works for the complete reconfiguring of the prominent Waitangi Park.  Work included demolition & salvage, asbestos removal, excavation for graving dock & park, preparation for concrete work & roading, asphalt paths, drainage, limechip paths, silt control in the sea, work within tidal timeframes, GPS survey for as-builts, & specialised drainage.


  • 20 000 m3 cut to waste
  • 3 000 m3 contaminated material cart to WCC landfill
  • 10 000 m3 import fill
  • 5 000 m3 base course
  • Difficult excavation to skate bowl and around new concrete piles & beams

Roading Construction

  • Nil


  • Drainage for power, telecom, & lighting ducting
  • Specialist drainage in wetlands area consisting of a drainage network laid to grade as part of the overall filtration system. It was multilayered pipework.

Innovative Work

  • Silt control in the sea. RGS designed and built a floating boom to contain silt.
  • Truck wash designed and built by RGS

Landscape Work

  • Subgrading and shaping of Powhiri mounds
  • Playing field subgrade prep
  • Placed topsoil in treepits for Excell
  • Placed sand in wetland areas prior to planting


  • Asbestos roofing needing specialist removal
  • Demolition of steel gantry’s
  • Demolition of old concrete and timber wharf


Memorial Park Interim Landscaping Project

Civil works for interim landscaping at Memorial Park.  Objective was to improve the setting of the National War Museum and strengthen the heritage value of the area.


  • Multitudes of underground services to contend with
  • 1170 m3 of hard fill, 783m3 of lime chip, 204m3 of topsoil
  • 70m of dish channels and various other concrete works
  • 150m of storm water drainage
  • Complicated and custom built bollard construction and installation

Innovative Work

  • Bollards were installed with an offset of 10o, a digital protractor was used to install bollards at the correct angles.
  • Bollards had to be installed over existing services so holes were made shallower and wider to accommodate services
  • Welded on reinforcing connections so no bolt heads were visible

Landscape Work

  • Management of asphalt paths
  • Sub grading and shaping of embankment
  • Top course finishing at the rear of the job

Planning and Control

  • Work commenced on the 7th March 2011 with a timeframe of 6 weeks, this was shortened to 5 weeks so that work was completed before Anzac Day Services
  • Work was completed with no rework required
  • The project was close to a busy road with a heavy public presence and next door to a school. No Health and Safety issues were raised on this site.

Machinery Used

  • Excavators – 20 tonne tracked, 14 tonne rubber tyre, 4 tonne tracked
  • Belly grader with laser control
  • 14 tonne and 4 tonne rollers
  • Bobcat
  • Truck and Trailer’s

Spicer Forest Tree Harvesting

Road widening and improvements to the Spicer Forest Access Track for construction vehicles and equipment to access the Mill Creek Windfarm project.


  • Formation and metalling road surfaces
  • Formation of logging roads
  • Sealing road
  • 25x DEB structures built over the 2.4km length of road


  • Construction of skid sites
  • Tree felling by hand
  • Extract trees and drag to skid sites for processing
  • Mulching slash from trees
  • Removal of stumps in access alignment
  • Splitting of stumps and mulching
  • Transport logs from site


  • Tight timeframe to allow Mill Creek windfarm construction to start on time