Roading Projects

McKays to Peka Peka Expressway

Over 5,800,000m3 of earthworks on the new expressway through the Kapiti Coast. Work included all environmental controls and some major drainage lines.

Subcontractor to M2PP Alliance

Overview of Works


  • Bulk earthworks, drainage and environmental controls for the construction of the new expressway in Kapiti.
  • 18km of Greenfield roading construction.
  • Approximate earthworks volumes over 5.8 million m3.
  • Extensive deep peat excavations
  • Sand mining
  • Drainage lines up to 2m in diameter. Extensive dewatering required in places.
  • Numerous wetland construction, stream diversions, MSE walls & bridge abutment work.
  • 100% of all environmental controls, built according to GWRC guidelines.
  • Dust control 24/7 365 days per year.
  • 11 Watercarts on site at peak construction.
  • Ground breaking GPS machine automation utilised. Design real time quantifying. Accurate As-built data direct to machine. Not a single peg used on site.

Machines Utilised

  • Excavators – ranging from 1.7 tonne up to 74 tonne
  • Dumpers – tippers, ejectors and tracked dumper
  • Motorscrapers – Wabco single and twin engines
  • Dozers – HD16 winch dozer, D10, D6, D53, & D85 bulldozers, and Michigan 180 & Cat 824C rubber tyre bulldozers
  • Graders – 140M,16G with automated GPS control
  • Compactors – Michigan 180, Cat 824
  • Rollers – double drum
  • Watercarts ranging from 4000L to 28,000L
  • Other –Road truck & trailers

SH3 Muggeridge Road South Realignment

  • Realignment of 1.5km of live road.  Work included bulk earthworks, drainage, stream diversion, traffic management, fencing & construction of stock underpass.
  • 427,000 m3 of earthworks.
  • Drainage included 375-600mm diameter stormwater.
  • Rip rap scour protection.
  • 100% of environmental controls including silt ponds, silt fencing and grit traps.  Worked in accordance with Taranaki Regional Council requirements.
  • Installation of 1350mm diameter steel corrugated culvert in very deep fill.
  • Paving by Higgins Contractors.


  • 16,780m3 topsoil strip, stockpile and respread
  • 280,000m3 cut to fill
  • 50,000m3 cut to waste
  • 57,000m3 unsuitable
  • 23,000m2 subgrade preparation


  • Drainage included 375mm and 600mm diameter stormwater lines & manholes
  • 30m of flume
  • Over 1.4km of aggregate drains
  • 800m of subsoil drainage
  • Installation of 1350mm dia Steel Corrugated Culvert in very deep fill.


  • Roading completed by Higgins
  • 18,600m2 sealing completed

Machinery Used

  • Excavators – 20, 30 & 50 tonne tracked excavators, 14 tonne rubber tyre excavator
  • Dumpers – Moxy MT31s
  • Motorscrapers – Wabco single and twin engines
  • Track Dumpers – LD1000’s
  • Dozers – Michigan 280 rubber tyre, D6 & D85 bulldozers
  • Grader – Cat 16G
  • Other – Loader, Road truck & trailers, watercarts

NZTA SH4 Lakes Hill Overslip & Realignment

Main Contractor on Realignment of 600m of SH4 and daylighting of corner. Works included clearing, earthworks, drainage, paving, and erosion & sediment control.


  • 3,600m3 topsoil strip, stockpile and respread
  • 160,000m3 cut to fill
  • 15,000m3 cut to waste
  • 7,250m2 subgrade preparation
  • Very steep work area – some places were near vertical with overhangs

Erosion & Sediment Control

  • All erosion and sediment control was managed by Goodmans
  • Structures included silt ponds, silt fencing, grit traps


  • Roading completed by Higgins
  • 6,400m2 sealing completed

General Comments

  • Work included a large variation called Aberfeldy Hill – this involved taking out another corner of road that wasn’t included in the original works
  • Remote location – satellite phone only

Machinery Used

  • Excavators – 20, 30 and 45 tonne tracked excavators
  • Dumpers – Moxy MT31s
  • Track Dumpers – LD1000’s
  • Dozers – Michigan 180 rubber tyre bulldozer, D53 bulldozer
  • Grader – Cat 16G
  • Other – Loader, Road truck & trailers, Water cart


SH1 Atiamuri Bridge Replacement

NZTA Subcontractor to HEB Construction

  • Goodmans employed to do bulk earthworks, excavation of abutments, removal of existing pavement, drainage and environmental controls.
  • 250,000 m3 of earthworks.  Types of materials ash, ignimbrite rock, pumice and rhyolite.  Earthworks consisted of cut to fill, cut to waste.
  • Drainage included 300-1050mm diameter stormwater up to 4.5m deep.  Various wingwalls installation, and manholes up to 2050mm in diameter. 600 diamter pipeline installed on a fill batter of 1:2 grade, working down batters that were 1 to 1 ½.
  • Rip rap scour protection.
  • 100% of environmental controls including sediment retention ponds, silt fencing, super silt fencing, decanting earth bunds, perimeter diversion bunding, temporary culverts, and grit traps.  Worked in accordance with Environment Waikato requirements.
  • Working adjacent and right up to the banks of the Waikato River.  Fantastic record with Environment Waikato.  Recognised for environmental innovative practice by Waikato Regional Council.  Was named site of the year for consistently committing to, and achieving a high standard of erosion and sediment control on earthworks.
  • Structures and paving by others.
  • Constraints – Southern section relied on undercut excavation to remove old tip site from Atiamuri damn construction!  Also one bridge cut had to be done early in order to give access for construction.
  • Goodmans finished ahead of schedule.

Kopane Bridge Replacement

Subcontractor to Higgins Projects
Construction of 1.1km of new road, road embankment formation, removal of existing road embankment and associated gravel extraction from the Oroua river banks.
Work included creating river diversions for the construction of the new bridge and placement of rocks for abutments.

Earthworks & Drainage

  • Approximately 102,000m3 of earthworks. Majority in imported fill from the river banks.
  • Preparation of 2,800m2 of road up to subgrade.
  • Rock abutment work
  • River diversion within the Oroua River
  • Stormwater drainage up to 600mm diameter and forming 2,115m of table drains


  • Removal of vegetation and felling and removal of trees including stumps.