North East Industrial Subdivision (NEIL)

Industrial subdivision in Palmerston North including construction of a large stormwater storage zone allowing for the industrialisation of this area and stormwater attenuation.


  • Total earthworks volume including topsoil handling, gabion rock, cut to fill, unsuitable, and other miscellaneous earthworks was 560,000m3.
  • At peak of summer, we shifted 80,000m3 per month.
  • Challenging materials including very wet clays and wet sand.
  • 66,000m3 had to be stockpiled and then dried prior to use as fill.
  • Live stream running through the middle of the site meant very tricky earthworks management was necessary with frequent stream diversions.

Erosion & Sediment Control

  • 9x large silt retention ponds with bunds, spillways and floating booms.
  • 22 decanting earth bunds.
  • A Large quantity of silt fencing.

Gabion Construction

  • Massive gabion construction on this worksite.
  • Total quantity was 6,500m3 – this is 3,250 gabion baskets!

Machinery Used

  • Excavators – 4 tonne – 45 tonne
  • Dumpers – rubber tyre & tracked
  • Motorscrapers – Wabco single x3 and twin engines x5
  • Dozers – HD16 winch dozer, D10, D6, D53, & D85 bulldozers, and Michigan 180 & Cat 824C rubber tyre bulldozers
  • Grader – Cat 16G with automated GPS control
  • Compactors – Wabco 111A sheepsfoot, Michigan 180 sheepsfoot, Cat 825 sheepsfoot x2
  • Rollers – Cat double drum, vibracom double drum
  • Watercarts – Euclid 16,000 litres, SNORK 12,000 litres, Merc watercart 8,000 litres
  • Other –Road truck & trailers

Innovations Created for Job

  • Custom built land planer – carries approx 6m3 material, capacity for laser control with dualacting rams, made from scrap machinery parts, requires 300hp tractor to tow it.
  • Silt Fence Installer – Due to extremely long lengths of silt fencing required we designed and built a silt fence installer for attachment to a 20 tonne excavator – can now install approx 200m of fence per hour.
  • V-Bucket – Custom built a V bucket specifically for cutting new channel in detention dam area for silt control specifications.
  • Purpose Built Gabion Frame and Rock Bowl – 3 different sized frames built to maintain gabion shape during construction, and rock bowl put in place to avoid rock wastage.
  • Purpose Built 3 inch Sludge Pump with air ventury – used to pump heavy silts up 6m in height to storage ponds


Anzac Park Channel Realignment & Cliff Recontouring and Subdivision

River diversion, alignment and relining in the Manawatu River. Work was necessary to stop the cliff eroding.  An estimate of 20,000m3 was eroding away each year.
Bulk earthworks for new residential subdivision at the top of the cliff.  Construction of stone columns.

River Works

  • 140,000m3 cut to fill – cut diversion channel and excavate gravels to accommodate bed armouring, fill embankment and shape to accommodate rock lining.
  • Completely reshape river channel
  • Transport and place 35,000 tonne of rock lining
  • Construct rock groyne in river
  • Construct access tracks
  • Divert creek


  • 250,000m3 cut to fill
  • 6,500m3 topsoil strip, stockpile and respreads
  • Construct 305 stone columns including supply of stone

General Comments

  • Very wet conditions encountered. Used lime stabilisation to complete the earthworks.
  • Working in a large river required careful planning and monitoring of the flow.