Goodmans are a large scale earthmoving company. We undertake a diverse range of work, and we pride ourselves on GOOD people doing a GOOD job.

“The best company I’ve encountered”.

Operator with Lifetime Experience

After 90 days of employment, 4/4/18

“I’m really enjoying the work I’m doing, i’ve never done this type of work before, and it has rekindled my love of engineering”.


After 2 days of being in our Workshop, 20/4/18

“We would like to thank you for believing in and giving my husband the opportunity to work for a wonderful company Goodmans.
He gets up every morning excited to go to work he enjoys the people, work, challenge and environment. We are very grateful to you all for understanding his writing problem and for accommodating him in every way. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts”.

The wife of an employee

After 90 day performance appraisal, 4/5/18

“I get up at 4:30am and I want to come to work.”